What is Biow?

It is a non-invasive preventive health care system that turns a physical space into an environment for cell regeneration.


Biow is the first delamination on the market with respiratory sweep and thermal sterilization.


Totally silent, high performance and low consumption.

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Up to 99.9% of the particles in the air.


Three speeds available that immediately heat or cool the lowest layers of the room. Get heat or fresh and pure air there where you are.


Save money on heating/air conditioning.

The Biow filter

Device at the forefront of technology, 100% installed and assembled ready to work from the first moment.


The most sophisticated filter on the market that guarantees total air purity without exceeding the limits required by the WHO.

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Normal Breathing

Breathing with Biow

Twin engine

Professional long-life levitation

High pressure stainless steel

More than 300.000 hours of life

How to use

Stand mount with wheels
Biow APP conection
Functioning remote control
Filter cleaning
Start up
Biow filter replacement

Smart Night mode

At night, Biow automatically turns operation to night mode, reducing consumption and minimizing sound.


Design and quality without works

The highest quality would require the maximum design. Reason why, at Biow, we have created a patented system that disappears at home. With a minimalist linear design, we want our equipment to become part of your home design.


A sculpture that also acts as a shelf, having an undeniable utility, which will definitely integrate into your decoration. More than an appliance, it is a work of art.


In addition, at Biow we completely install the device without making any annoying work.


Designed and made in Spain


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