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Bioengineering for the World

Biow was created with the support of the cRos group, member of the Health Research Institute of the Principality of Asturias, thanks to its unique approach in the fight against pollution and its consequences:

Bioengineering vs Biochemistry

We take preventive health care through bioengineering (physically, not chemically).

Non-invasive techniques, no contraindications.

A totally safe product that benefits the whole organism in the short, medium and long-term.

cROS Research Group

The cROS Research Group, Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress and led by Dr. Ana Coto Montes, is currently collaborating with Biow to study, at the cellular and systemic level, Biow’s capacity to reduce oxidative stress and organic inflammation, as well as its potential to increase mitochondrial energy production and regenerate ATP.

Colaboradores cROS

Biow is life

Biow helps improve people’s lives by acting on the quality of the air they breathe, especially at night. This has significant effects on:
Breathing quality

The circulatory system

The physical aspect

Stress and rest

Physical and mental performance


Biow has positive effects in the short, medium and long-term:


Respiratory effects from the first 48 hours.


Effects on you rest in a few days.



Effects on skin and hair from the first weeks.


Effects on the circulatory system and the general functioning of the organism, feeling more energy and vitality from the first months.

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Effects on the prevention and development of various conditions that may affect in future years, especially those related to microcirculation.

BIOW users’ statistics

Biow users have been statistically monitored, and after one month of use, the results have been as follows:


89.20% of users with less than 6 hours of sleep improved their rest time.


79.73% of users who snore reduced their snoring.


83.48% of users with a lack of physical energy noticed changes in their energy levels.


86.85% of users with respiratory problems have witnessed some improvement.


90% of users with allergies have improved considerably.


84.46% of users with headaches have reduced this condition.

One single Biow device to help you in three main areas at the same time

Biow Health

With Biow you will notice that you rest better and your body recovers vitality. Biow removes all kinds of allergens, VOCs, even nanoparticles, gases, viruses and bacteria in the environment to improve the functioning of the body’s organs.

Biow Sport

Improves performance and increases recovery capacity when exercising with the respiratory and circulatory care treatment.

Biow Beauty

It improves circulation, prevents premature aging and promotes hydration. Consequently, it restores health, energy and beauty.



Biow 100

Dimensios: 100×25 cm

Coverage area: up to 80 m2

Biow 60

Dimensions: 60×25 cm

Coverage area: up to 40 m2

Filter remplacement

Biow is life

Promotes cell oxygenation, breathing and rest

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The number of deaths due to pollution amounts to 7 million people per year.*

The invisible toxicity indoors and at home is up to 8 times greater than outdoors.*

We spend about 50% of the time indoors.

There is greater exposure to pollutants indoors.

See pollutants

  • Bacteria
  • Spores
  • Mites
  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Ash and soot
  • Tobacco
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Formaldehyde
  • Fungi

Effect of Nanoparticles, voc, gases, viruses and bacteria

Biow is the professional home health system capable of removing particulate matter, VOCs, gases, viruses, bacteria and nanoparticles thanks to the patented ION multi-layer filtering system with continuous laminar air flow.

Biow removes nanoparticles smaller than 0.1µm, ultrafine particles 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10-2.5, PM10, gases, viruses, bacteria and allergens.


How do Nanoparticles affect us?

The respiratory system is not able to filter the nanoparticles and they pass directly into the blood where they are transported to all the organs and cells.

The presence of nanoparticles in the body leads to poor oxygenation of the blood and deterioration of the systems:












Biow is a system with multiple patents. If you require further information about the product, you can contact us and a Biow agent will visit you at home.

Phone: +34 985 87 93 45