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Biow removes all types of allergens, VOCs, even nanoparticles, gases, viruses adn bacterian in the environment to improve the organs of the body


The respiratory system is the first to benefit from the use of Biow, since the particulate matter, gases, formaldehydes, etc., that we breathe indoors cause:







Blood oxygenation becomes more effective, this benefits the body’s organs and tissues.

Biow improves rest and reduces stress by acting on during sleep, the time for cell regeneration.

It is a preventive system with no contraindications for everyone.



Improve your children’s rest and breathing while they sleep.



It reduces the impact of air pollution during fetal development and the baby’s respiratory conditions.

Gente mayor

The elderly

Deeper and more continuous sleep. It improves microcirculation and consequently cellular oxygenation. Recover vitality in the most natural and safe way.

cROS Research Group

Grupo Cros

The cROS Research Group, Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress and led by Dr. Ana Coto Montes, is currently collaborating with Biow to study, at the cellular and systemic level, Biow’s capacity to reduce oxidative stress and organic inflammation, as well as its potential to increase mitochondrial energy production and regenerate ATP.

Working hypothesis is based on two aspects:

1. The proven capacity of Biow to significantly reduce environmental nanoparticles, which are inducers of oxidative stress and multiple pathologies associated with it (Nemmar and Cols, 2013).

2. In preliminary observational studies conducted by the users themselves before and after using Biow, they realised that they reduced the time it took to fall asleep and also observed a significant reduction in muscle soreness after exercise, which seems to indicate a reduction in the production of intracellular lactic acid with a better use of pyruvate in the mitochondria.

This prestigious group with more than 10 years of experience is member of the Cluster of Excellence in Biomedicine of the University of Oviedo, the national centre CIBERFES, the Institute of Neurosciences of the Principality of Asturias and the Institute of Health Research of the Principality of Asturias.

Test certified by official laboratories

Download the tests carried out in official laboratories of recognized prestige both for bacteriological tests and for the elimination of particulate matter.

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Recent advances in particle and nanoparticle tosicology

Recente advances in particulate matter an nanoparticle toxicology

Biow microbiological test

Biow test of elimination of nanoparticles

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